Hapa Yoga

2016 Stove Team Team

Larry Brown          Chula Vista, California 

Linda Brown          Chula Vista, California

Ruben Ibanez        Chula Vista, California

Letty ibanez          Chula Vista, California

Dave Varco           Bonita, California

Suszann Varco      Bonita, California

Austin Varco         Bonita, California

Emma Varco         Bonita, Calfornia

Marcia Nott           Chula Vista, California

Hugo Mazariegos Translator   - Coban, Guatemala

Keith Qualls         Leader  - Chula Vista, California

Kathy Qualls        Leader   - Chula Vista, California


  Help us to help the people of Guatemala !

to provide Mobility

Safe Cook Stoves & clean air

Clean Drinking Water





To become a sponsor drop us an email through our contact us page.

Meet  Our  stove  Team

        501 (c) (3)


Our goal is simple :

to provide people with

the basic needs of life.